Brown Coal Bulletin

Dear visitors of our internet pages,

I wish to welcome you on the Brown Coal Bulletin internet pages. The Brown Coal Research Institute started issuing this bulletin more than half a century ago. In the former Czechoslovakia our institute was involved in the beginning of development of the modern brown coal mining industry and, nowadays, our institute still operates successfully and through the expertise, knowledge and experience of all the staff involved in this industrial field wishes to establish a new phase of publishing expert articles/papers.

We want to provide a transparent and independent specialised journal. In my opinion we have been quite successful in this effort. We believe that we have embarked on the only proper way that might result in long-term prospects concerning the Brown Coal Bulletin. I believe that the number of authors wishing to publish in our bulletin will grow and, also, we will provide greater space for addressing wide expert public. It is the aim of the Brown Coal Bulletin Body of Editors that the journal might logically link the research and development in the area of coal industry with the actual activities of the entire coal mining industrial sector.

I wish to welcome anybody who is reading our Brown Coal Bulletin for the first time and I wish to express my gratitude to anybody who follows the Brown Coal Bulletin on a regular basis.

Ing. Petr Svoboda, CSc.
Chair of the Board of Directors,
Brown Coal Research Institute, plc.